Actemium focusses on neutral and brand-independent consultancy-advice, aimed at the development, improvement and optimization of your production capacity.



Independent advice

Actemium focusses on neutral, brand-independent consultancy-advice, aiming at the development, improvement or optimization of your production capacity.

We always apply a clear and well thought-out approach, based on commitment, mutual confidence and the pursuit of a long-term partnership.

Moreover, our specialized teams have a profound and focussed know-how of various market segments (Beverages, Chemicals, Dairy, Energy & Environment, Feed, Ferro/Non-ferro, Food, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas), and share the sector-specific experience and technical know-how of the worldwide Actemium network. The Actemium consultants always start their analysis in the field.


That way we can:

  • diagnose your actual needs
  • present a realistic path, in order to evolve from your current situation to the most optimal situation
  • determine your costs and possible profits
  • offer specific solutions, tuned to your industrial facilities and objectives, that also offer you a clear headstart within your market