Over the years, Actemium has developed her technical know-how on customer-specific machine solutions. This includes both the integration of new machines in an existing production environment and the optimization and/or revamping of existing machines.

Our brand-independence assures an objective advice on the most appropriate solution.

Working with Actemium offers you access to high-technological hard- and software concepts. Moreover, we guarantee a better cost efficiency and higher reliability.


This includes a wide range of services:

  • Concept design
  • RI&E safety study
  • Motion concept definitions (dimensioning)
  • Procurement
  • Hard- and software engineering
  • EIA and safety implementation
  • Machine efficiency monitoring & optimization
  • 24/7 after-project support





Achieving the most optimal result completely depends on a profound knowledge of the variable factors that influence your project, and on making the right choice out of a whole spectrum of technical solutions. Starting in the pre-design phase, we assist you in the elaboration of the user requirement specifications (URS), the functional and concept design, preliminary safety studies, etc. That way we can guarantee an optimal vertical and horizontal integration.

By means of monitoring- and simulation tools, important insights in various processes and their chance of succes are acquired. A good preparation thus leads to an efficient and fluent implementation.



Our extensive expertise, many years’ experience and international professional network give us a great headstart at implementation. Working together with Actemium gives you access to high-technological hard – and software concepts: the Machine Solutions. These solutions guarantee a higher cost-efficiency and a stronger reliability.


Actemium machine solutions:



Even after the implementation or revamping we continue our support, with for example machine monitoring and efficiency optimization, machine safety consultancy, 24/7 assistance, etc.

Discover our service possibilities.


Actemium guarantees the most optimal approach! As a brand-independent integrator, we have compiled quite some technological and functional knowledge, allowing us to compare various solutions or systems. Together with our customer, we examine the best approach, taking into account your demands on budget, energy, maintenance, the new standards or regulations, future investments, etc.