VINCI Energies acquires SE Contracting


SE Contracting

VINCI Energies, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group specializing in energy, information and communication technologies (ICT), concluded the acquisition of SE Contracting on 29 November. The company specializes in mechanical constructions and pipelines for process installations. It provides innovative technical solutions for storing, dosing, measuring, mixing and distributing liquids. SE Contracting, established in 1976, has its head office in Eke near Ghent and employs 40 people.

“SE Contracting is active in various sectors. Since the 1970s we mainly work in the food sector, but also in sectors like chemistry, textiles, paper and cardboard. De thorough product knowledge and the creativity of our own engineering department lie at the basis of our projects, time and again,” says Luc Eeckman, Manager of SE Contracting. “The integration within VINCI Energies Belgium will expand our customer base and is an important step in our further development.”

“The acquisition of SE Contracting is part of our growth strategy and significantly strengthens our position in the sectors mentioned above. We are constantly looking forward to synergies with our existing activities and this acquisition is therefore a perfect addition to the knowledge and expertise we have with Actemium in the food and beverage sector. This enables us to become active in new market segments, such as meat, vegetables and frozen food,” explains Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium.

SE Contracting will continue to operate autonomously within the division “Industry & Software Solutions” of VINCI Energies Belgium.

“Our mission is to be a partner of our industrial customers with regards to optimizing their production equipment and to guide them in the transformation that their production environment must undergo as a result of Industry 4.0. Thanks to the complementary expertise of SE Contracting, we are more than ever a unique partner for our customers and we can offer fully integrated solutions,” says Luc Clabout, Managing Director of the Industry & Software Solutions department at VINCI Energies Belgium.