How do you manage the enormous amount of recipes and parameters? Do you experience a trial & error method drastically reduces your efficiency?

Actemium has developed specific CIP-solutions: for Cleaning In Place but also for a Continuous Improvement Process. This way we alter and clarify your process in 4 purposive steps:

  • Plan!

Recipe management with a structured and user-friendly Windows-platform.

  • Do!

Equip your existing or brand-new CIP with the intelligence of Actemium CIP solutions.



  • Act!

Optimize your sustainable efficiency. Intelligent algoritms ensure a continuous improvement of the parameters.

  • Check!

Transparent monitoring & reporting. At each cleaning, you receive a detailled report, a clear analysis and a quality check.



Discover the numerous advantages of our CIP solutions:


  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Validated parameter management
  • Reporting and analysis of each cleaning
  • Continuous calculation of optimal parameters
  • Solutions applicable to existing CIP installations