ICT solutions

Bring your ICT in optimal harmony with your production environment. Actemium offers industry-friendly solutions for a performant, safe and reliable ICT-infrastructure.

Our ICT-experts are specialized in advice, implementation, maintenance and management of high-quality and reliable industry-specific solutions for your (network) infrastructure, applications, security, virtualization, cloud-applications, etc. We always focus on the optimization of your production environment, in order to achieve actual business advantage, offer a more favourable cost structure and simplify management.




To accompany your projects or your daily operations we offer an entire service cycle, from audit to preventive maintenance, as an individual service or as a part of a standard or custom-made Service Level Agreement.



Best-in-Broad selected passive and active ICT network components, tuned to the industrial shop floor, the office environment and even employees on the move.




Solutions in communication, identification and monitoring, fit in by our ICT-experts with both production and administrative environments, individually or integrated.



An advanced approach on network-, application- and physical security of your entire company. We analyze your environment in the scope of the security rules to be observed, map out risks and elaborate, in close co-operation, the preventive and corrective security policy.



Actemium is stand by as your service partner to make your entire network environment safe, easy-to-use and 100% available.