The large product diversification brings along complex production processes, with a rapid succession of different batches. In order to maintain both the production level and the quality, your automation must be adapted.

With Routecontrol, Actemium makes your production routes once again controllable and well-organized.


Does your product take the most optimal route?

Routecontrol splits up complex installations into smaller parts (partial routes) and junctions, thus providing a clear view on the often complex production routes.

The most optimal route for your product and the alternatives are determined and mapped out.

For each route, both its status as well as what product passed by are listed, in order to ensure a perfect traceability and observation of contamination.



Easy and widely applicable

Routecontrol is extremely flexible application, that is not only tuned to your specific requirements and needs but can also be deployed in diverse sectors, for all processes in which the transport of material is an essential part.

The Routecontrol-tool attaches great importance to diagnosis and can be applied on several PLC’s (load balancing).


Advantages of Routecontrol:

  • increased production capacity
  • reduced energy consumption
  • higher flexibility
  • easy configuration