Videoreplay is a registration system that receives images and tags following specific rules. If you want to analyse a situation, you can easily review the recordings in full. The status of the machines or silo’s, the product flow, modified parameters, etc.: they will have few secrets to you!

To see is to understand

With Videoreplay, Actemium wants to help you to understand the bottlenecks in your process. Via previously recorded SCADA-images you can re-experience the situation and verify what went wrong, whether it concerns an error in the control, a wrong adjustment or parameter, an action by an operator or an error in the external control.


Advantages of Videoreplay:

  • helps you to detect bottlenecks
  • makes a quick error diagnosis
  • increased quality
  • optimization of your process






What is very useful is that you can accelerate, slown down or pause the images. Via day- and hour selection, you can purposively request the right images. In support, one diagnose image can be requested, that shows an overview of all status.

To conclude, Videoreplay also is a perfect training tool to show new operators how the process functions, by playing images as if live.