Our know-how

For over 25 years, Actemium follows her own specific course within the food indstry, for the benefit of our customers. We owe our actual leadership in this sector to our innovative project approach, continuously evolving along at the rythm of the sector.


Are you looking for a reliable system integrator that helps you get on in a platform-independent way, that critically co-directs and that works completely custom-made in accordance with your requirements? With Actemium as your partner, you are sure to be right.

Our exceptionnally strong technological background and profound knowledge of the specific needs of the Food sector, put us in the ideal position to be of further assistance to you. The Actemium Food consultants and engineers are constantly active in your sector, and thus you do not waste any time in explaining your business during tentative meetings. That way you can immediately focus on where and how you want to make the difference.


Our Actemium Food specialists are at home in all fields of the food industry:

  • dairy
  • oil and fat
  • breweries
  • soft drinks and water
  • bakery products
  • chocolate industry


Day by day, your sector-specific challenges become ever more prominent:

  • the market requires a large product diversity
  • quality requirements increase
  • a guaranteed transparent product traceability within the scope of public health
  • the accompanying more strict controls on health- and safety conditions
  • high flexibility at mixing processes and automated production- and logistics planning


How do we get to work together?

Actemium focusses on neutral and product-independent advice. We always apply a clear and well thought-out approach, based on commitment, mutual confidence and the pursuit of a long-lasting partnership.

A polyvalent and autonomous project team concentrates on the global package of services within the automation project.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge, a multidisciplinary approach of the project and high flexibility, Actemium can offer balanced solutions for installations of which technical regulations become more and more complex, and for projects with a timing that is more and more subject to great pressure.