Towards the Sustainable Brewery of the Future

Breweries today face many challenges: rising energy and raw material costs, new trends in consumer behavior, delivering an increasing number of SKUs on time to the customers, reducing waste, increasing operational efficiency, human-centered working, optimizing inventory management, efficient maintenance, etc.

As Actemium, we are convinced that to meet these challenges towards the sustainable brewery of the future, a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach is needed. Actemium, together with our sister companies in the industry network, has the expertise and sector knowledge of all brewing processes from grain to glass, and is therefore a privileged partner to help you on your way.

We typically start from your strategy and your company’s specific needs, and develop a holistic, customized roadmap. Thanks to our specific know-how and experience within breweries and the entire ecosystem around them, we can not only give advice, but also further design, build and support your industrial processes.

Smart Manufacturing

  • One-stop shop regarding digitization and data management of your brewing processes
  • Simulation of sub-processes (e.g. bottleneck analysis) up to digital twin of your entire brewery
  • Advanced planning and scheduling solutions tailored to your process
  • Digitalization of your production processes (inventory, maintenance, quality, production)
  • Sector-oriented analytics solutions for your data, to achieve better insights and faster decisions, bridging the gap between the production floor and business IT

Advise, design, build & operate

  • Actemium gives advice, designs, realizes and supports your brewing processes. We also offer service and training.
  • From small improvement projects to complete turnkey installations.
  • For this, we can count on our motivated and flexible multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Digitalization of your production processes (inventory, maintenance, quality, production)
  • Because of our professional expertise and strong sector knowledge, we realize efficient and creative customer-oriented solutions.

Our activities:

  • Smart automation with integrated brewing functionalities tailored to your process, laying the foundation for the brewery of the future from the start of the project.
  • Electrical engineering and instrumentation, sign building & cabling.
  • Mechanical design, procurement, skid construction and assembly
  • Focus on digitalization & data analytics
  • IT/ICT

Integrated end-of-line

Integration of:

  • Robotics, vision systems, motion control systems, …
  • Logistics transport (AGV, …)
  • Warehouse solutions (WCS, WMS, mobility, order picking, …)

In collaboration with sister company Legendre Conveyors:

  • Complete layout of your production line, from empty bottle to palletizer
  • Multi-brand turnkey supplier
  • Optimal layout and track control for maximum line efficiency
  • Both for craft brewers and large breweries

Energy management

Energy consultancy towards affordable, reliable and sustainable energy:

  • Energy monitoring and management to create insight into energy consumption
  • Smart solutions for optimal production and consumption of energy

In cooperation with sister company Ensysta Refrigeration:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration, heat pumps and energy networks

Data Analytics

Every brewery, large or small, produces a multitude of valuable data that still too often goes untapped. With our expertise, optimization, resilience, reliability and sustainability come first. In this way, we help you on your way towards the Sustainable Brewery of the Future!

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MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integrates the administrative commercial functions of your brewery with those of production management, and combines all this with the operational tasks in the production environment.

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