Our know-how

When it comes to the platform-independent solutions offered by Actemium for the feed industry, we are proud of our completely custom-made development, guaranteeing a smooth integration of our applications into the existing processes of our customers.

Visual_feedDevelop what you already have, and achieve a higher efficiency and a larger flexibility. In Food and Beverages, but most definitely also in Feed, this required flexibility increases daily, for the demand within the market is much more varied than before, while control standards and quality requirements intensify.

To join forces with Actemium implies that you want to offer an answer to the most important challenges of your sector:

    • a widely varied product offer
    • increasing quality requirements from the market
    • completely transparent product traceability
    • more strict health- and safety conditions imposed by authorities and agencies
    • higher strictness of control mechanisms
    • more complex mixing processes and automated recipe management
    • automation and flexibilization of filling lines and logistic planning


The unique combination of our services and our profoundly specialized approach puts Actemium in an exclusive position within Europe: we are one of the most important system integrators in the Agrifood-sector. A leadership position, and you as our customer benefit from this, for it offers immediate advantage.

Actemium elaborates platform-independent solutions for you, always taking into account this fundamental flexibility. Only that way we can guarantee that you can always manage the food risks within your production processes.


A ‘dedicated team’ that works on your perspectives.

We understand your challenges, for our Agrifood-specialists have a very detailled and advanced insight in production processes. Whether it concerns a revamping or a greenfield project, Actemium’s expertise supports your local needs and always bears in mind the wider scope of the worldwide production projects within your group.


The Actemium consulstants and engineers take you further.

You will notice at first encouter: our specialists are acquainted with the latest technological developments. They know the GMP-standards and how to best handle the FAVV-regulation.

You do not waste any time in describing your business…. That way you can gain time and immediately focus on how you want to make a difference.


What services can Actemium offer?


  • analysis of the production process
  • proposals for process optimization
  • create a higher efficiency
  • project management


Process Control

  • design the architecture for process management systems
  • automation and supervision of the production
  • electric activities and instrumentation


MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

  • interface with administrative software (planning, invoicing, etc.), recipe calculation software (Libra, etc.), lab software and production
  • product management
  • recipe management
  • stock management
  • production planning
  • batch management
  • contamination control
  • tracking & tracing


Tracking and tracing

  • tracing of all production steps
  • traceability of the entire production process, from receipt of base material up to delivery of the finished product
  • certainty about the origin of the products
  • quality control

Manure processing

We have experience with the automation of manure processing. Observance of and solutions for the separation and the drying can be optimized. We are acquainted with the MAP (manure action plan) and its requirements and regulations.

Moreover, we are also at our customers’ service for the administrative part:

  • management of transport documents (manure disposal documents and neighbourly arrangements)
  • registration of analyses, product control and reporting
  • exploitations and animal occupation
  • feed consumption and section use