As Simatic PCS 7 engineer you will learn in this course the potential of the Simatic PCS 7-process control software with focus on OS configuration and design of graphic objects. As important topics for advanced PCS 7 engineers, the configuration of single- and multi-station-OS, as well as principles and methods supporting an advanced graphic engineering are at the center of the course.

You will put your newly acquired knowledge of the theory to use in practical exercises on the training equipment which you will work on as if your were in a real plant. This will increase your learning success. On completion of the course, you will be able to achieve optimal design of the window to the process.


Prijs op aanvraag


Commissioning engineers and configuring engineers, service personnel, maintenance personnel


  • Attendance of course PCS 7 – System recommended
  • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
  • Practical experience in PCS 7 project engineering


  • ES/OS-PC-Station configuration multi-station engineering & handling
    • License requirements and installation
    • Time synchronization
    • User administration
    • OS servers, clients, ref. clients, webclients
  • Multi-project engineering & handling
    • Multi-project features
    • Multi-user engineering
    • Simatic logon configuration
  • OS server redundancy
    • Overview: architecture and mechanism
    • Configuration requirements
    • Redundancy / Synchronization tags
    • Failure scenarios
  • Advanced WinCC Explorer engineering
    • Messages and alarms
    • Smart alarm hiding
    • Life beat monitoring
    • Horn configuration
    • Report configuration
  • Advanced graphic engineering
    • Graphics designer
    • Controls and dynamic wizards
    • Adding dynamics to an object
    • Customized objects
    • ANSI-C: basics, editor and globals scripts
    • VBS: basics, editor and globals scripts
    • Block icons and faceplates
    • Graphic object update wizard
    • Diagnostics
  • Asset Management
    • Maintenance station: prerequisites, preparatory and configuration
    • ASSETMON function block
  • Additional Subjects
    • Excel configuration utility
    • Open PCS7
    • PC station for SPOSA