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PCS 7 - AS Engineering

As Simatic PCS 7 engineer you will learn in this course the potential of the Simatic PCS 7-process control software with focus on AS-engineering. As important topics for advanced PCS 7 engineers, the Advanced Process Library (APL), the configuration of SFC-types, as well as principles and methods supporting an efficient AS-engineering are at the center of the course.

By practical exercises on training equipment you will put your newly acquired theoretical knowledge into the practice. Through this you increase your learning success. On completion of the course, you are able to optimally and efficiently engineer a process automation.


Prijs op aanvraag


Commissioning engineers and configuring engineers, service personnel, maintenance personnel


  • Attendance of course PCS 7 – System recommended
  • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
  • Practical experience in PCS 7 project engineering


  • Project overview and standards
    • Settings in Simatic Manager
    • HW-Config Advanced
  • Multiproject engineering
    • Structuring multiprojects
    • Efficient engineering
    • License management
    • Modification of process tags
  • Use of Advanced Process Library (APL)
    • Structures and signal status
    • Operating modes
    • Protection modes
    • Application of parameter feature-bit
  • CFC Advanced
    • Forcing
    • Special functions in CFC
    • Behavior when maximum cycle time exceeded
  • Advanced alarm engineering
    • Generating additional messages
    • Message configuration
    • Managing messages in Simatic Manager
  • SFC Advanced
    • Operating state logic and state changes in SFC
    • Configuration of SFC-types
  • SCL application of APC Library
    • Overview APC Tools in the PCS 7 Libraries and APC-examples
    • Controller optimization using the PID tuner

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