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PCS 7 - Basic Diagnostic

The course is aimed at personnel whose activities focus on the service and maintenance of plants with PCS 7 control systems. The emphasis here is on the process-level components AS, I/O systems and system bus. The handling skills required in day-to-day practice for diagnosing and correcting faults are practiced on training equipment and in typical projects. Equipped with the knowledge of the integrated nature of the system, you will be able on completion of the course to quickly diagnose and correct faults and to remove possible fault sources in advance. This enables you to reduce standstill times and increase the efficiency of your automation system.


Prijs op aanvraag


Maintenance and service.


Basic knowledge of industrial automation


  • Overview components of PCS 7 : AS, I/O, OS, networks
  • Specific functions of the AS, ES and OS
  • Reading and understanding the CFC- and SFC-functions
  • Performing simple modifications in the application, such as : trending, alarm texts, parameter values
  • Performing simple extensions to the application such as : 2 analogue input signals, controlling the motor, interlocks for valves, distributed I/O, communication AS-AS
  • Tracing the signal from the I/O into the CFC-functions
  • Test and simulation mode
  • Diagnostics and Asset Management
  • Exchange of components
  • Management of the project data

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