Greenfield control @ Jan De Nul group

Jan De Nul Group is a leading specialist in shipbuilding and dredging as well as providing specialist services for the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors. The group is also strongly positioned in civil engineering and the environmental sector.

The ship Isaac Newton is unique of its kind, with its ability to carry out a wide range of activities: cable pulling, trench excavation and rock installation. Actemium was responsible for automating the cable pulling installations on the vessel.

In co-creation with the client we opted for a unique control system, reflecting the extraordinary character of the ship. The system features maximal redundancy, with the entire diagnosis handled by SCADA. The system has a very limited parts list thanks to the use of standard components.

Motion control is handled using load sharing and speed, serial and angle synchronisation. The system also includes an accurate logging tool.

In summary:

  • A system with maximal redundancy
  • Full diagnosis on SCADA
  • Use of standard components
  • Unique control system
  • Motion control with load sharing and speed, serial and angle synchronisation
  • Accurate logging tool