A MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integrates administrative and commercial functions with process management, and combines all this with the operational tasks in the production environment.

This can have a huge positive impact on the production line, particularly in discrete manufacturing.

Simplifying production planning

MES reports in real time on actual progress with each order on the updated production schedule. The tool allows all those involved to share the same information while simplifying collaboration.

MES provides information on:

  • Actual progress with production
  • Updated production schedules
  • Actual product costs
  • Traceability of raw materials and products
  • Compliance with standards

Improved maintenance

MES reports faults and down times, classified by cause and by machine. You will receive an immediate warning of any anomalies, facilitating optimal interactions with production planning. MES can support you with the analysis of faults (journaling, classification, etc.) to help you gain a fuller understanding.

MES will also allow you to improve the reliability of your equipment and to anticipate faults and shutdowns.

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  • Centralised product data
  • Connections between all levels of production
  • Coordination between ERP and production
  • Reduced costs for production planning and logistics
  • Reduced costs of maintenance and downtime

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