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Automation, digitalisation and data analytics as a one-stop-shop

By applying automation, digitalisation and data analytics in an integrated way, companies can achieve many more sustainable and economic gains. Read the interview with Jeroen Pandelaere - Consultant Data Analytics - and Christiaan Van Landschoot - Business Unit Manager of Actemium - for Trends here.

Author: Joris Hendrickx – published by Mediaplanet

What makes Actemium such a valuable partner for industrial companies?

Van Landschoot: “Our company under the brand name Actemium started in the 1980s as a specialist in industrial automation. However, we quickly expanded our services to include industrial IT services to also digitise operations in OT. In 2017, we added a data analytics team to our services. Each step always aims to go further in the mission Actemium stands for : ‘Improving Industrial performance’. Our data analytics team is a composition of people with more than 15 years of experience in our customers’ processes and highly skilled data scientists who start from the latest AI techniques. With this composition, we differentiate ourselves by discovering and realising bottom-up use cases at our customers’ sites.”

Why is this combined expertise so important?

Pandelaere: “From our roots as a specialist in mechanical, electrical and automation work, we know the processes, how all the installations work and how they are linked together. We combine that with the data skills, statistical knowledge and machine learning expertise of our data analytics team. This allows us to keep working on continuous improvement at our customers.”

What cases did you realise around the energy transition?

Pandelaere: “At a customer’s site, we managed, together with Howest, to reuse as much residual heat from their processes as possible in other processes by means of a smart hot water grid. In this way, we help them meet their sustainable targets and have been able to greatly improve the cost efficiency of their processes.”

Van Landschoot: “Together with UGent, we have also created a research department in which we study how companies can respond to the energy market and adjust their production planning to reduce their energy costs and even make money from energy surpluses.”

With the composition of our data analytics team, we differentiate ourselves by discovering and realising bottom-up use cases with our customers.

Van Landschoot Christiaan

Business Unit Manager