You are confronted today by a great diversity of challenges:

  • The highly competitive globalised market, widespread counterfeiting and rapid deliveries
  • The requirement for sustainable production, with a focus on energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions & waste
  • The demand for deliveries at any conceivable time and place
  • Increasingly specific customer requirements in terms of product quality, diversity and personalization
  • The shortage of technical personnel on the labor market
  • Lightning-fast technological evolutions
  • The high level of product diversity, often personalized and in smaller batch quantities
  • Flexible production exploiting a modular machine fleet
  • Data valorization
  • Performance-based services

These challenges are particularly significant in the manufacturing industries.

In order to stay competitive you will need a tailor-made solution. A value partner who understands your needs and who can provide the individually tailored service required to fulfil them, allowing you to continue to guarantee top quality and flexibility for your customers.

Retrofit & greenfield


Often machines are converted, because of outdated control materials and systems.

Actemium can handle the migration process on your behalf and will work with you to identify the added value for the justification of such a project, and to ensure your machine fleet is ready to face the future.


Introducing a new machine to your production line, or expanding or updating your processes: Actemium will deal with every aspect of the integration of your new machines, both horizontal and vertical.

And of course compliance with CE Directives demands an overarching machine safety concept covering the total production line.

How do we work?


Safety and CE consultancy

Safety is our absolute priority. All our employees share the same responsibility in this.

Working in a safe and healthy environment is not only important for our colleagues, customers and suppliers, but also for society and the environment.

This results in sustainable, future-ready installations, with a focus on the technical safety aspects within an industrial environment. Taking advantage of our practical experience and our expertise in the area of machine safety, we will carry out a joint Risk Assessment of your application.

The risks will be identified and brand-independent safety provisions will be developed. We guarantee compliance with CE directives.


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