Smart CIP

Smart CIP prevents unnecessary water and chemical consumption when cleaning process parts. The software application functions as an add-on on top of your existing CIP (Clean-In-Place). It shows how efficiently it scores compared to the ideal situation. Through a user-friendly dashboard you immediately get insights and improvement proposals.

How does it work?

Smart CIP is based on the principle of continuous improvement. The software calculates through algorithms which actions ensure less consumption.

Step 1: logging all process data from the control layer, such as production status, flow meters, conductivity meters, temperature … A set of sensors at key points of the CIP process continuously analyze the information present.

Step 2: the Smart CIP algorithms

  • Show the data in a structured way
  • Define improvement proposals
  • Visualize them

When deviations occur in terms of water consumption or use of chemicals, the application provides a clear solution to correct the situation.

Where does Smart CIP make the difference?

Smart CIP uses data analytics to prevent unnecessary water, energy and chemical use during cleaning.

The CIP (Cleaning in Place) process is a widespread process for cleaning production equipment. The CIP cleans objects without the need for dismantling the tanks or pipes. The process is therefore popular in the brewery, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Studies have shown that 80% of ordinary CIPs in production environments do not deal efficiently with chemicals and water. After we also noticed that this was a problem for many of our customers, we developed Smart CIP.

Benefits of Smart CIP

  • Easy read-out volume parameters
  • Practical visualisation, clear dashboard
  • No more wasting of water and chemicals
  • Saves costs

Problems of a normal CIP

  • Large consumer of water, chemicals, energy and time
  • 80% of the CIP processes work inefficiently in terms of consumption
  • Damage to the environment
  • Water and other raw materials are becoming scarcer

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