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Deal with the industry's challenges

Today, your industry is facing various challenges:

  • Globalized market with fierce competition, frequent copycat behaviour and ultrafast delivery
  • Need for a sustainable production, with a focus on energy efficiency and reduction of emissions and waste.
  • Delivery at any time and any place
  • More specific customer requirements on product quality, diversity and customization
  • Few technichal staff on the labour market
  • Ultrarapid technological evolutions

Within the manufacturing industry in particular these challenges are of great importance.

In order to stay in the competition, you need a customized solution. That way you can keep guaranteeing quality and flexibility to your customers.

Customized machines

We design and build machines with intelligent sensors, cameras, robotics and high-precision mechatronics solutions.


  • Product hanling
  • Product assembly
  • Testing

We do so specifically for production lines within the food industry, life sciences or other industrial sectors.

Together with you and depending on your needs, your market segment and the requirements of your process, we select the appropriate robot type and brand: KUKAStaübli, …

Taking into account future challenges, our solutions are modular and easily adjustable. Moreover, they can be seamlessly integrated in your system. Combined with our industrial services, they are the ideal package to keep ahead of competition within your market.

Safety first

Safety is our highest priority. All our employees share the same responsibility.

To work in a safe environment is not only important to our employees, customers and suppliers, but also for our society and the environment.

Our approach


Together we look which machine solution fits your production best. Therefore we rely on our many years’ experience and technical knowledge within several market segments. Moreover, we work brand-independently.

We take into account your requirements on budget, energy, maintenance, newest standards or regulations, future investments, etc.


As from the earliest stadium of your project we offer simulations and consultancy, with feasibility study and/or conceptual design of your investement.

Decision-making becomes easier thanks to production modelling and material flow simulations of the offered machine solution, before it has been built.


Time for the building and implementation of your solution. This covers both horizontal and vertical (IoT, data) integration. You can leave the entire implementation in our hands.

Your machines are integrated in the shopfloor in modular and flexible production lay-outs, with conveyor and storage systems and AGV’s. And they are equipped with integrated machine safety and data operation management systems.


Also after implementation you do not need to worry about the operation of your machine solutions. Our services guarantee a smooth functioning.

We offer a scalable package of services tailored to your needs:

  • Help desk during office hours for technical support
  • Full support on machines 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • Preventive maintenance onmachines
  • Operator and maintenance training & coaching
  • IoT and cloud solutions
  • Dashboarding and business analytics (anomy, benchmarking, predictive maintenance)
  • Performance-based SLA contracts

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