For a manufacturer of products based on bromine, Actemium installed and configured an Osisoft PI system, with integration of a Waterfall unidirectional security gateway. Also the existing 15 year old data was migrated to the PI system.


A PI system has these function:

  • Collect data from all kind of systems
  • Compress and Store (PI DA) and Create a data model (PI AF)
  • Perform calculations for assets to enhance the data (PI AF analytics)
  • Identify and capture events
  • Secure data storage (use of Windows integrated security)
  • Visualize and share data
  • Deploy Business Intelligence (BI) and machine learning

Our activities:

  • Capture raw data in the PI system on OT side
  • Transmit the data via a Waterfall unidirectional security gateway to the PI system on IT side
  • Create PI AF (Asset framework) templates and hierarchical site model.
  • Perform analysis on the data and create event frames and notifications
  • Analyze data from production machines to create reports and dashboards

Customer benefits:

  • Replacement of legacy and slow historian
  • Real-time monitoring of the production process
  • Identical PI system on OT and IT side with a safe separation between both
  • Use of templates in PI AF to reduce implementation time of tags and calculations
  • Use off PI Event Frames
  • With PI Vision, the users can build their own displays
  • Notification when a component has issues