AVT, a manufacturer of heavy loaders for a range of industries, was looking for ways to improve availability and to provide new business models.

Working with Actemium they developed a web application as a digital expansion on an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). The application assists AVT stakeholders to improve the support, availability and quality of their business models.


  • Real-life simulation data for new business models
  • Near real-time monitoring for the service department
  • Anomaly detection on the heavy load transporter
  • Deterioration prediction for critical components

The AGV includes a service module which collates all the available data as required. The data are sent to a secure data platform.

AI algorithms are used to:

  • Process and analyse data
  • Calculate OEE
  • Detect malfunctioning of motor drives

The data are visualised on a user-friendly dashboard and in graphs. Different user levels allow relevant results to be displayed to each stakeholder.