Actemium guarantees the availability, reliability and safety of your infrastructure, by means of specific and custom-made maintenance advice and engineering.


Product Support

You do not just buy a product at Actemium. A quick delivery, an analysis, technical support and repair service are included!

Actemium is of course at your service for product ordering, quick delivery guaranteed. But we are only fully satisfied if we can also share our many years of knowledge and technical know-how, before, during and after sales!

Our product support always includes the foloowing services:

    • offer of high-end products (autoradio, instrumentation, drives, networking etc.)
    • concept design
    • help desk for technical support
    • e-Ordering available 24/7
    • direct delivery from supplier to customer
    • complete support in case of exchange or repair



Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Actemium offers a range of service modules. Based on your actual needs our consultants define a clear service scope. Next, a custom-made Service Level Agreement (SLA) is elaborated. The Actemium consultants objectively analyse which service capacities you have at hand and make sure that our service programme perfectly fits in.

The Actemium Service Level Agreements are ranged in 6 packages:

  1. Product support & support by phone
  2. Training & coaching
  3. Preventive support
  4. Back-up, recovery, adaptations and documents
  5. Support during office hours
  6. Support outside office hours