Rely on product support

  • Multitechnical competences
  • Flexibility

You get the best experience when our engineers share their many years’ experience and their technical knowledge with you – before, during and after sales.

We always look for the best suiting product for your specific demand, relying on a national and international network. The benefits for you:

  • Fast(er) deliveries
  • Follow-up pieces and obsolete products are found more quickly and more often
  • Larger stock

At Actemium you do not only buy a product. You get the quick delivery, analysis, technical support and repair service on top.

Our product support covers:

  • Offer of high-end products (automation, instrumentation, drives, networking, etc.)
  • Concept design
  • Help desk for technical support
  • E-Ordering 24/7 available
  • Direct delivery from supplier to end customer
  • Complete support in exchange or repair


Based on your actual needs we define a clear service scope. Then, we offer you a customized Service Level Agreement (SLA). Together we analyze which service capacities you have at your disposal, making sure our service program connects seamlessly.

The Actemium Service Level Agreements cover 6 packages:

  1. Product support & support by phone
  2. Training & coaching
  3. Preventive support
  4. Back-up, recovery, modifications and documents
  5. Support during office hours
  6. Support outside office hours

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