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Preventive replacement of Masterdrive drives

As a system integrator Actemium is specialized in the replacement of inverters, control and much more.

In the past we installed a large number of Masterdrive drives in different installations for applications with one or more motors. At that time these drives were superior due to their functionality, flexibility and extended performance range.

In the meantime Siemens has introduced a successor in the form of the Sinamics series for several years. From 2010 onwards the phasing out started with the possibility to obtain spare parts. Currently the product is completely discontinued (see graph below). As a result, prices and delivery times have increased considerably.

At several of our customers we are therefore replacing Masterdrive drives preventively with the new Sinamics drives. In this way we keep the installations up to date and make them less vulnerable. These preventive actions reduce the chance of unexpected, prolonged stoppages caused by faults in the Masterdrive drives.

Think of a preventive action in good time; prevention is better than cure!

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