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Download our white paper ‘Digitize your Chemical industry’. Kevin, Consultant at Actemium, takes you step by step into the world of Industry 4.0 and how to switch efficiently.

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Unique approach

Based on our vision of ‘Think big, start small’, we have developed a targeted approach to get started with digital transformation.

An important first step is the inspiration session, in which we delve into the future and the opportunities for your industry together. Then, step by step, we work towards concrete goals, secured by in-depth analysis.

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The chemical industry is constantly changing. Companies have to move faster and faster and the pace will only increase in the future. Do you, for instance, also have planning problems or difficulties to further increase production? Are alarms simply ignored or is there a need for more insight into the performance of your machines or warehouses? Digitalization might just be the solution!

Digitalization enables organisations to meet the expectations of speed in the digital age and to successfully make the step to Industry 4.0.

  • Renewable Chemistry
  • Data-based production and automation
  • Data analysis and digitalization

Make sure your organization is ready!

Multitechnical partner

Digital transformation does not come with ready-made solutions. Thinking along with you is crucial to get the right focus. Thanks to years of experience within the chemical industry, Actemium has built up a profound knowledge of your sector and we are familiar with your challenges and opportunities. This enables us to think along with you on the deepest level and to use automation and digitalization as sources of growth. Co-creation enriches your innovation process!



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