At Actemium, we want to help our customers achieve the next level of smart operational excellence. Because of this, our approach starts from the perspective of your company and where you want to go. An approach that goes beyond offering a standard product. No two production sites are the same, which is why we believe that finding the best solution together with the customer, is always the best choice.

Starting with an inspiration session, we will show you how we have been able to help our customers, using specific case studies. This way, we inspire you to apply similar solutions within your company. This is only possible by listening to your goals and challenges.

An iterative way of working

A solution for every profile

Only by asking the right questions, we can thoroughly identify your needs and goals. We believe this is the only way to move forward efficiently.

Whether it is about choosing an appropriate historian, performing an analysis, or implementing an advanced AI solution, the Data Analytics team starts from your current data maturity and always aims, with you, for the next level!

We always start from your production process. Thanks to our knowledge in automation, we look at your challenge through a bottom-up approach. We retrieve your data from all kinds of data sources – directly from the PLCs, OPC UA, historian, etc. – and convert them into a ready-to-use format. In this way, we give you more visibility in your production process, or we can go further with extensive analyses and smart applications.

Working in co-creation, we find a solution specific to you.

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