The Belgian energy sector includes both public and private services. They are characterized by a strict legislation. How can you still let your production run smoothly and cost-efficiently?


Find the right solution for your production

Energy supply or recuperation? In both sectors you benefit from automation, maintenance and system integrations.

There is a high pressure on automation and standardization of maintenance in the energy sector. Because of the increasing requiremets for efficacy, flexibility and safety, the demand for high-technological know-how rises.

Actemium offers not only this specific knowledge in-house, but also many years of experience which we gained in several projects, for example with energy dashboards.

Not sure what you need? Ask for our (platform-independent) advice.

Our offer

Actemium offers advice, design, implementation and maintenance of your industrial solution. We have experience in electricity and instrumentation, automation, mechanics & piping and IT/ICT.



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