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Data Analytics

Is process optimization high on your agenda? Data usage pays off. More operational efficiency, better energy consumption, higher product quality … These are just some of the many benefits you can get from data analytics. Dealing with data in the right way provides you with the added value you need.

Which added value can I get from my data?

Data analytics met doelstellingen quality improvement, operator support, anomaly detection, digital twin, smart reportin, planning support, energy efficiency, performance improvement, predictive maintenance, en process improvement


Without purpose, your data are untapped sources of value. With the right objectives, you transform data into a solution: a way to improve and speed up your process. For example, you can improve the performance of your process, but also the quality of your product or your energy consumption.

Together with you, we review your process and determine the best reasons and ways for you to conduct data analysis.

What are the possibilities?

Every company is unique, and so are your data analysis needs.

Limit costs, optimize your capacity, monitor product quality by means of machine learning. Support your operator in his decisions, detect anomalies in your process, … These are just a few of the possibilities of data analysis.

Discover hidden data and patterns in your data thanks to efficient data visualization and artificial intelligence and stay one step ahead of the competition. This way, you can fully utilize the potential of your data.

Why choose Actemium?

We start from your industrial process, not just the data.

Translating the process knowledge and gut feeling of our Actemium engineers into the right applications and solutions: it’s something we do better and faster than anyone else. Our process-related knowledge is irreplaceable. As a result, we know better than anyone how to collect, decipher and use your data to improve your process.


  • We start from our process knowledge
  • Big network
  • Combination of talents

How to start with data analytics?

Data collection

Are you already storing process data or are you planning to start doing it? Do you already have a Historian?

Everything starts with a data source. Bringing all data together in the right way is the first step. You can also contact us for (the security of) this data collection.

Data visualization

Once the different sources have been collected, you can start with data visualization. Dashboarding gives you important insights into the present, past and even the future.

Both the current status and the history of your production will be clearly visualized. This offers you the opportunity to do your own analysis. The aim is to observe trends, monitor the status, and intervene or adjust where necessary.

With data dashboarding you immediately gain important insight into certain interventions that are necessary to save costs, for example.

Machine learning & AI

Do you want to take your data to the next level?

Consider Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning allows you to create algorithms from large and complex datasets, with the aim of better products, higher efficiency and optimized production.

The possibilities of Machine Learning are endless. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your production without obligation.


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