Factory Automation approach

How do we work?


Together with you, we look at which machine solution is best suited for your production. For this, we rely on our years of experience and technical knowledge of various sectors. Moreover, we are not tied to any particular brand.

We take into account your requirements in terms of budget, energy, maintenance, new standards or regulations, future investments, etc.


From the earliest stages of your project, we offer simulations and consultancy, with a feasibility study and/or conceptual design of your investment.

Deciding becoming easier thanks to production modelling and material flow simulations of the proposed machine solution, even before it is built.


Then it’s time to build and implement your solution. Both horizontal and vertical (IoT, data) integration are addressed here. You can leave the complete implementation to us.

We integrate your machines into the production floor in modular and flexible production layouts, with conveyor, storage systems and AGVs. We also provide them with integrated machine safety and data operation management systems.


Even after implementation, you do not need to worry about the operation of your machine solution. With our service, this operation is guaranteed.

We offer a scalable package of services tailored to your needs:

  • Helpdesk during office hours for technical support
  • Full support on machines 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • Preventive maintenance on machines
  • Operator and maintenance training & coaching
  • IoT and cloud solutions
  • Dashboarding and business analytics (anomaly, benchmarking, predictive maintenance)
  • Performance based SLA contracts

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