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Why choose a training program?

Our training programs are tailored to your company and according to your needs. Together with you, we draw up a plan over several years in which your employees follow training courses, their knowledge is refreshed and they are followed up personally.

Our experts are happy to visit you to discuss the needs of your employees. In this way, together with you, they determine a customized route in which you yourself determine the theme or choose courses that are specifically tailored to your installations or machinery.

You can freely choose to organize interim screenings or exams to follow up your employees. In this way, the further course of the process can be adjusted to the results. Extra exercises for your employees with follow-up are also part of the possibilities for a training course. Finally, you are also entitled to participate in 4 training workshops that are organized annually.

Of course your company never stands still, so our experts visit you annually to discuss the training courses for the coming year so that they can be tailored to your needs.

Interested in a training course? Contact us and we will look at the options together with you.

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