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Green Deal solutions

In 2018, 9 breweries made a Green Deal with the Flemish government. They engage to reduce the water usage in beer brewing by 2022. Are you looking for the ideal solution? Tackle water waste with our Smart Platform.

Smart Platform

Our Smart Platform for water usage reduction contains 4 steps.

  1. Virtual Sensors map out the usage
  2. Cloud platform connects the streams
  3. Clear visualization
  4. Smart CIP offers solutions

Virtual Sensors

Through Virtual Sensors we map out substreams or subconsumption without placing physical sensors.

In this way you can define the usage in places hard to reach. Moreover, it is cost efficient since placing sensors on subflows is not necessary.

Smart CIP

Smart CIP is a software application that visualizes how efficient your existing CIP (Clean-In-Place) is compared to the ideal situation, by means of a user-friendly dashboard.

How does it work?

Based on data analytics, Smart CIP calculates which actions will result in lower usage.

A set of sensors at key points in the CIP process continuously analyze the present information. When anomalies are shown in water usage or use of chemicals, the application offers a solution to adjust the situation.

What is the difference between CIP and Smart CIP?

The main difference is that Smart CIP uses data analytics to prevent unnecessary usage.

Studies have shown that 80% of the “normal” CIPs in production environments are not efficiently dealing with chemicals and water usage. When having noticed this problem at many of our customers’, we have developed Smart CIP.

Why reduce water usage?

Water is one of the key ingredients of the brew process. Not only because beer consists for over 95% of water, but also for cleaning the installation, rinsing used bottles, etc. For the production of 1 liter of beer, about 6 liter of water is used. This should be done better – and more efficiently.

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We visit interested companies to give a demo and to offer advice on possible solutions. Contact us today for you demo.

Learning network

In November 2018, we presented Smart CIP during the Learning Network event at Brewery Huyghe in Melle. Companies and suppliers were inspired and networked on sustainable water usage in the brewery segment.

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