Servo and motion control

Your production processes are dynamic, always in flux. Reliably locating products or processing or assembling materials calls for more than just the right machinery – the control system needs to be precise and accurate.

Synchronisation between different axes and/or systems is essential for processing (laminating, granulating, extruding…) as well as for handling materials (cutting, stretching, calendering, positioning using cranes or gantries…).

The intelligence behind these solutions can be built in the PLC controller or in the drives in your production process. We will be delighted to assist you in identifying the most efficient approach.

Cranes and travelling cranes

Here at Actemium we have many years of experience with cranes and travelling cranes delivering significant added value in all sectors.

We rebuilt our first gantry crane in 2008, and this first project was no small matter from the start: the revamp of a 260-tonne at the Doel 4 nuclear power station. We have now successfully completed some twenty such projects.

As well as the purely crane-related technical options like anti-sway, anti-crab, anti-collision and grab control, the integration of travelling gantry cranes in the client’s production environment is a particular strength of ours.

With our broad spectrum of expertise we can provide a suitable response to any customer request or requirement. Our work integrating cranes in WMS or WCS systems exemplifies this.

Our expertise:

  • Speed and torque control
  • Positioning
  • Machine vision inspection
  • Anti-collision


  • Grab control
  • Anti-sway
  • Anti-crab

Case studies

Together with the customer, we work out a concept, taking into account the necessary performance and accuracy.

Since there are many moving machine parts in these applications, machine safety is also extremely important. Therefore, we carry out Risk Assessments and put the necessary safety provisions into practice.



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