Safety is our highest priority. To work safely within each environment is the first condition to all our actions and seamlessly aligns with our expertise in machine and process safety.

Safety in project execution

The care for Q-HSE is entirely integrated in our Project & Service Life Cycle. At the start of our projects and missions we set up a quality, safety and health plan with you, in order to guarantee optimal project results right from the start.

All business units of Actemium Belgium comply with the highest Q-HSE standards. They are certified in accordance with the ISO9001-quality standard and the ISO45001-safety standard.

  • 2 years

    without work accidents with absence from work, at our business unit Maintenance Chemicals Antwerp

Process Safety

Our process installations are sustainable and meet the most strict safety requirements.

Over the years we have been responsible for the successful implementation of new production units as well as the revamping of existing units, by applying a specific revamping approach.


You can call on us during the entire Process Safety Life cycle (IEC61511), for migration as well as greenfield projects.

  • Analysis

    We set up risk analyses. You receive support in defining the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) and in determining their Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

    Moreover, we help you in defining the requirements for the design of the safety functions (Safety Requirements Specification).

  • Realization

    We help you in verifying your hardware architecture and reliability, by means of SIL-calculations. The safety requirements are translated into a reliable design of the control system and  the application software.

    We implement the software and execute extensive factory acceptance tests (FAT).

    In the commissioning phase we draw up the necessary test documents and execute validation tests.

  • Operation

    During this phase Actemium offers you further assistance by means of and  SLA (Service Level Agreement), training and workshops.

    Modifications to your installation are executed in accordance with the procedures, as stated in the Management of Change.

Machine safety

We build sustainable installations that are future-proof, on electrical, pneumatic as well as hydraulic level.

First we define the intended safety level of the installation (Performance Level). Next, our certified safety consultants perform a RI&E study (Risk Inventory and Evaluation) together with you, in accordance with the EN 12100-2010 standard, on both individual machines as well as the global production line.

Our specialized team has experience with safety consultancy and with the implementation of

  • Production lines
  • Cranes and manipulators
  • Packaging machines
  • Palletizers
  • Handling and transport systems
  • Etc.

But it does not stop at the analysis and implementation of the safety regulations. Post-evaluation and observance are of essential importance. We keep taking into account the valid EN-standards, the desired SIL-class and performance levels. Moreover, we assist you in the machine CE certification.

ATEX explosion safetyvv

Entirely in accordance with the ATEX regulations, we identify and assess the risks on explosion, and take the right actions to guarantee the health and safety of employees.


We evaluate our systems via the Safety Integrity Level method, making sure the work environment remains safe to all. The same counts for Perfomance Level standards.

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