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ATMS solution wins bronze award at 2022 Global Tank Storage Awards

On the 24th of May 2022, the 5th Global Tank Storage Awards took place in Rotterdam. Over 200 attendees gathered to hear the winners recognized for their excellent contribution to safety, innovation and sustainability in the tank storage sector. Out of the 10 shortlisted entries in the category Terminal Optimization, the International Jury has selected Actemium Belgium to win the bronze award for the ATMS solution!

The Actemium Terminal Management System optimizes terminal management. ATMS is an independent, completely integrated terminal automation system, covering all necessary elements for a most efficient terminal management from order-to-cash. It consists of 4 modules, which can be implemented separately but of course, work even better in a complete solution.

Every terminal has its own needs to improve the overall operations, that’s why ATMS allows different adaptations to be made to the basic system, which makes it a flexible and adaptable solution. Furthermore, ATMS is a coherent solution where both the IT and OT network are connected and streamlined. All stakeholders are taken into account so that all operations can be improved and further optimized. Consequently, your terminal becomes the best version of itself.

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