Automate your entire production with Titanium. Together with Integra it makes up a complete solution for the agro industry.

  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Visualization
  • Batch Controller
  • Process Controller
  • Historic trending & data logging
  • Production management
  • Commercial management

Titanium: automate your production

Titanium covers different automation modules. Thanks to its modular character, this solution can easily be integrated into your production line.


  • MES: the brains

    With a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) you can efficiently link your administration to your production.
    With or without ERP-integration.

    • Define your product
    • Oversee the production capacity
    • Plan the production
    • Manage the output
  • PLC: the muscles

    Process Control is indispensable for a smoothly running production line. You can choose out of several PLC brands: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Omron, … Together, we make a deliberate choice.

    • Flow-based dosing
    • Automatische pellet control (APC)
  • SCADA: the looks

    SCADA visualizes your process control. That way you can identify and localize problems at a glance.

  • Other modules
    • Maintenance tool
    • I/O Test Tool
    • Mobile Applications
    • OEE & Bottleneck Analysis Tool
    • Video Replay

Integra: central production management and uniform procedures

When you install Integra, you do not need to take into account your process automation or IT. This way you can standardize your procedures in each plant on a group level.

The benefits:

  • Uniform communication towards the outside world (delivery notes, loading notes, receipt notes, tracing reports)
  • Consistent internal reporting and KPI’s
  • Central management of reference files
  • Standardized linking with ERP systems

Integra can be installed centrally as well as decentrally. With an MES layer that coordinates different sites, you can trace products that are exchanged between different plants. Moreover, this solution provides the harmonization you need to constantly keep up with the continuously changing legislation.

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