With an Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) tool you visually map out the production planning, and immediately solve issues.

  • Production process planning, based on orders
  • Integration of transport + production planning
  • External data
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple viewers

Manufacturing plants are expected to be flexible, both in product range as well as in delivery time. This need for flexibility hampers the planning process, as do unexpected orders by customers or sudden incidents.

How does the APS tool work?

On a clear timeline, APS maps out the planning of:

  • the raw materials supply
  • the production
  • the transport of end products

Moreover, APS supports the planning: it processes operational feedback from the process control and alerts Operations in time. For example when certain constraints can not be met, or when the resources are not optimally used.


Planning can be done:

  • Manually
  • Automatically via provided planning data
  • Automatically based on heuristic



    A detailled planning is set up, based on the received orders, that takes into account the order status and the raw materials


    Based on the Bills Of Material and the actual consumption, this module calculates which and how many raw materials and semi-finished goods are needed at what time. The result: a minimized stock and 100% guaranteed delivery.


    An efficient staff planning results in a higher production flexibility. With this module you can plan your staff, taking into account their specific knowledge and skills.

Can I implement APS in my existing system?

The Advanced Production Scheduling tool can be directly implemented in your existing ERP package and/or process control system or MES layer.

APS does not contain a proper database. All data (product information, orders and Bill Of Materials) are retrieved from an external system. The origin of the data (ERP, MES, XLS, AS400, MS Office …) does not matter.

A seamless integration into your existing infrastructure is assured. Thanks to the tool’s modular character you can implement exactly those features you need. Actemium can properly advise you on this.

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