Custom machines

We design and build machines with intelligent sensors, cameras, robotics and precision mechatronics solutions for production lines in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and a host of other industrial sectors.

Using industrial robots to automate applications in your production line saves you time and money. Industrial robots reduce waste and deliver improved quality with unvarying precision. They are also able to deal with the most monotonous and sometimes hazardous product applications, while your employees are kept safe, healthy and motivated.


  • Material handling
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • End-of-line
  • Logistics

We will work with you to identify the ideal robot supplier to suit your needs, your sector and the requirements of your process: KUKA (certified partner)Staübli, ABB or Fanuc. All our services are brand-independent.

Our solutions are modular and can quickly be adapted to meet the challenges of the future. We will also ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into your system. In combination with our industrial services they form the ideal package to allow you to continue to compete with other players in the market.

Robot types


The FlexPicker is built for speed. As the name suggests this handy bot can pick up anything placed within its reach (often from a conveyor belt) and place it in the required position or packaging.


SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm. Selective means these robots are compliant on the X-Y axis and rigid on the Z axis. They often find applications in small-scale assembly processes.

6 axis

Again as the name suggests, 6-axis robots have 6 axes which gives them greater flexibility. Each axis is controlled by a servo motor. The business end of the arm can carry out a huge range of tasks depending on the tool fitted.


Cobots (collaborative robots) facilitate collaboration between man and machine. They are able to detect any unexpected human contact and adapt their speed of motion to it, so your personnel and robots can work together on the shop floor.

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