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Industrial Service

Manage and maintain your industrial processes in a most efficient way? It’s possible! Actemium offers a range of dedicated Industrial Services, for an optimal ‘relieve’.

By streamlining your maintenance structure and cost, we go for a sustainable rendability.

Maintenance on site

Installing new systems via Actemium, you can rely on our individual and qualitative industrial maintenance. Moreover, we train your employees, so you are assured of efficient operations.

We provide customer care & support customized to your production. Not only when your installation is ready to use, but also after the start-up. You can call on our knowledge and maintenance services during each phase of your project.

We provide a.o.:

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • On-call services
  • Equipment supply/storage
  • Change management
  • Systems optimization

Discover our Virtual Reality (VR) module for employee training.

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Mobile maintenance in one (M²iO)

Maintenance is more often done mobile.  With M²iO you give your employees a fast and efficient access to the information they need to execute their tasks in your production environment.

M²iO combines all advantages of mobile data management: it offers object- and application-based information through an intuitive interface in one application. With this application you support the daily maintenance of your production, through a transparent overview of the workflow.


  • Repair and maintenance work
  • Recurrent equipment testing
  • Plant shutdown


  • Mobile access  to all information and documents
  • Online and offline use
  • Also suited for employees with less specialized knowledge
  • Transparent overview
  • Extension towards other use cases is possible
  • Easy integration in your existing system

Rely on product support

You get the best experience when our engineers share their many years’ experience and their technical knowledge with you – before, during and after sales.

We always look for the best suiting product for your specific demand, relying on a national and international network. The benefits for you:

  • Fast(er) deliveries
  • Follow-up pieces and obsolete products are found more quickly and more often
  • Larger stock

At Actemium you do not only buy a product. You get the quick delivery, analysis, technical support and repair service on top.

Our product support covers:

  • Offer of high-end products (automation, instrumentation, drives, networking, etc.)
  • Concept design
  • Help desk for technical support
  • E-Ordering 24/7 available
  • Direct delivery from supplier to end customer
  • Complete support in exchange or repair

Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

Based on your actual needs we define a clear service scope. Then, we offer you a customized Service Level Agreement (SLA). Together we analyze which service capacities you have at your disposal, making sure our service program connects seamlessly.

The Actemium Service Level Agreements cover 6 packages:

  1. Product support & support by phone
  2. Training & coaching
  3. Preventive support
  4. Back-up, recovery, modifications and documents
  5. Support during office hours
  6. Support outside office hours

Continuous improvement of your industrial network

Software changes, the industrial market evolves, updates and trainings come and go so fast… An Actemium service engineer can be of service for various topics.

For example the optimization of control circuits (for example energy saving), programming, modifying and correctly controlling drives, network analysis, system monitoring, OEE, etc.

We offer the following technical knowledge:

  • PLC
  • Industrial networks
  • DCS systems
  • Drives/motors
  • MES/IT
  • Electrical/ instrumentation

Network analysis

There are many popular network solutions, you probably make use of one as well. But what happens when it goes wrong? Your production line could come to a standstill. We do not only help you to fix failures but, more important, to prevent them.

For a network analysis, Actemium uses brand-independent software and an accompanying database. This software is specifically developed to analyse, manage and collect data on the quality of your industrial network.

Our analytical method detects anomalies without delay and can set extra tresholds to continuously increase the alarm level. We also offer a useful tool for benchmarking with data from the past. A perfect starting point to compare and, if necessary, adjust.

With Actemium you are always one step ahead of network problems!

Ask for a training or coaching

You want to stay up-to-date on the newest industrial developments? A training is the ideal way to update your knowledge on evolutions within the industry.

Our experts are at your service!

Benefit from our extended network

Actemium worldwide is a network of 350 business units 100% dedicated to industry. These companies are located in 40 countries across the world. Each business unit offers specific solutions & expertise.

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