With the software package Operra you manage the purchasing and supply of raw material. Moreover, you know what your market position is at each moment and you get insight into the current and future raw material prices.

  • Purchase and supply management of raw materials
  • Risk management
  • Cost accounting

In certain sectors, like the compound feed industry, the purchase and supply of raw materials account for almost 80% of the total cost of the end product.
A most efficient purchase thus is one of the largest success factors!

How does Operra work?

Operra has a userfriendly interface and transparant operations.

You follow-up on contracts, set up a logistics supply planning, determines where raw materials are being delivered and control the purchase invoices.

Moreover, Operra follows the quantitative, qualitative and financial estimates of both current and future raw material positions. The focus in this is always on quality and traceability.

Get in control of market volatility

In the past years, raw material prices have not only increased, but also became a lot more unpredictable.

This is because of:

  • More strict requirements of the biofuel industry
  • Greater impact of investors and speculators in financial markets

Agro manufacturers adapt to the changing market conditions via hedging techniques with futures and contract sales. This way they can cover the cost of finished products and raw materials.

With Operra you manage the (expected) cost and inventory per activity. The impact of the (future) markets on the positions and formulas is immediately calculated, with a separate vieuw on the physical and financial coverage of each product and each activity.


In batch-oriented industries you can combine Operra with Libra (formulation).

Combining both solutions can help you in optimizing your purchase decisions and in finding the most optimal solution for your bill-of-material (recipes).

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