Set your logistics in motion

Working paperless and mobile allows your employees to get to work more easily, ensures greater focus and thus reduces the risk of errors. In this way a mobile solution within your logistical processes contributes to the greatly increased efficiency of your logistical cycle.
For this it is crucial to choose the right equipment. Actemium helps you with the selection, implementation and management of robust, wireless networks and computers, for use inside and outside your company.


With our MDM solution we can already easily manage all your different types of mobile computers and telephones centrally, protect them, and wirelessly provide them with updates and new software and applications. In this way Actemium maximises the availability of your mobile equipment. We can simply monitor remotely and offer assistance in case of an incident. If equipment becomes defective, it is replaced free of charge within the framework of the repair contract, even on location. And by using remote monitoring, we can even handle any incidents proactively, before your employees report or even notice them.


  • Brand-independent.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Central management, security and updates.
  • Full service.


Tough demands are made of wireless networks for mobile use at the office, in production and in logistics with regard to performance, availability and roaming. Actemium will be happy to create a safe wireless network with perfect cover for you. For example, for barcode scanning, office applications on laptops or tablets, internet access for your guests or the private devices of your employees.


Technical developments in the area of mobility are rapid and there is an enormous range of options. With its years of experience with proven quality and reliability, Actemium will be happy to help you choose the best equipment for your application. Our brand-independence assures a wide choice of all the industry’s A-brands.


  • Tablet.
  • Robust PDA.
  • Wrist computer.
  • Hand-held terminal.
  • Voice terminal.
  • Fork-lift truck terminal.
  • Etc.


  • East of use.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Form factor.
  • Type of barcode scanner.
  • Operating system.
  • Battery capacity.