Order picking

Order picking is often the most labour-intensive process in your warehouse. However, it is also a crucial success factor that can help you make a lot of profit. There is a whole range of possibilities to make your order picking process faster while minimising the number of errors. Interested in one of our solutions? Our consultants will be happy to give you customised advice drawing on our extensive expertise in various sectors.


Each solution Actemium develops is customised, geared entirely to your requirements and wishes. Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) provides the intelligence, control and real-time registration of each picking action. For optimum operation, a modern warehouse is often subdivided into zones in which differing systems from different suppliers have to function together. That is why our control software (WMS/WCS) is flexible and communicates with other software packages and machine controls so you end up with a seamlessly integrated solution, fully customised for your warehouse.


By adding RF scanning and mobile terminals, your employees can pick without paper and prevent errors. Thanks to RF scanning, you always have real-time insight in your current stock and the status of your sales orders and you can enforce the principle of FIFO (first in, first out). Depending on your operational processes, we can also automate batch, multi-order or zone picking and duplicate management to increase your efficiency.


  • Less administration.
  • Fewer picking errors.
  • Real-time information.


Voice picking controls your pickers and registers all the actions in the warehouse using spoken commands. This means scanning is no longer necessary, allowing the pickers to have both hands free to collect products. Since they do not have to look at a screen, their movements are safer too. The transition from RF scanning to voice picking is a relatively small step which increases productivity and considerably reduces the error rate.


  • 99.9% accurate.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Easy to use for your employees.
  • Increased delivery reliability.


Pick-to-light can greatly increase your picking speeds by visually controlling picking by means of light signals. Your employees will see the right picking location and the number of items to be picked at a glance. It functions extremely well with installations with a high picking density combined with zone picking for fast movers (SKU category A-AA). However, other designs and modules are also possible, e.g. picking carts with multi-order picking (pick-to-cart with put-to-light), sorting (put-to-light), picking for assembly (assemble-to-light), etc.


  • Higher productivity.
  • Faster order picking with lower error rate.
  • No language barriers.
  • Flexible design.