Customised advice

Curious to see how you can improve your logistical operations? Actemium offers neutral and product-independent consultancy advice to expand, innovate or optimise your logistical processes.

As a global partner to industry, we are constantly abreast of the latest technologies. By calling on our extensive network of specialists and partners, we can always bring in the right experts to give you sound advice. Thanks to our broad expertise in the area of logistics, both in warehouse and production environments, we can propose concrete solutions, adapted to your specific needs and challenges.


  • Technical and economic feasibility studies.
  • Optimisation of production logistics.
  • Logistics flow analysis.
  • Construction of IT architecture.
  • Optimisation of picking methods.
  • Improvement of production planning.


When you hire Actemium to give you advice, you are assured of a structured approach to your project. Our standard method consists of five steps that we integrate with your own project methodology:

  • Kick-off

    During the kick-off phase, we map out your expectations and we agree on which deliverables you will receive at the end of the advice project. We discuss what data is available and who will provide it. On this basis we set a realistic timeline with an expected delivery date for each deliverable agreed upon.

  • Data gathering

    During this phase we further fine-tune the specifications of the data to be delivered with the relative staff. If you wish, we can help you extract the data from your systems, clean it up and process it.

  • Solution modeling

    Based on an analysis of your data, we will work on possible solutions for your specific challenge. Where possible, we will build a decision model on the basis of the information collected that you can experiment with later to gain useful new insights. More info about our logistical simulations.


  • Feedback

    During our project we plan regular contact sessions to discuss the status of the consultancy project. During each feedback session we share our latest insights and discuss the deliverables, project status and any additional wishes. You then do not have to wait until the end of the project to take action.

  • Evaluatie

    During this concluding phase we formally deliver the deliverables by means of a presentation. If a model was built, we will be happy to train your employees so that they can experiment with the model themselves. We also like to hear your feedback about the project and how it has helped you.