Our know-how

With a specific package of solutions for the efficient running of your post-production processes, Actemium also provides your complete end-of-line automation and integration.


Actemium is your specialist in robotics, offering you in-depth expertise in:

  • handling;
  • highly precise positioning;
  • simulation;
  • stacking patterns;
  • conveyor tracking (speed synchronisation).

We can cover the entire project cycle, from consultancy (feasibility, type), to delivery, placement, software development and final commissioning.


In revamping projects, Actemium combines a standardised methodology with great functional knowledge of different types and brands of PLCs and drives. This results in a unique approach that only a brand-independent integrator can offer.


Actemium offers you an automation solution with comprehensive registration of all the actions and traceability of the raw materials, semi-finished products and parts used. We also handle the integration of different brands of RFID-scanners, barcode scanners, PDAs, tablets, handhelds or fork-lift truck terminals.


With OEE, Actemium offers you deeper insight into your processes. Thanks to real-time monitoring and machine analyses, the bottlenecks in your processes are charted, giving you a clear picture of possible losses. The parameters quality, performance and availability are merged to arrive at the most efficient way of working.


Aftercare is always included at Actemium! You can count on us, day after day, around the clock. We record the agreements about the availability of our engineers, prevention, online monitoring, etc. in a service agreement. That is how we can compile a unique service package for each client that perfectly meets their wishes and needs.


Quality control, picking & placing and positioning: three important phases in your production process, that thanks to the use of vision systems can be very closely monitored and regulated. Actemium carries out feasibility studies, and on the basis of their results proposes a customised solution that is completely brand-independent.