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Warehouse Control System

Integrated control of mechanised logistics

Logistics is about efficiency. So it is only logical that we want to mechanise logistical processes. However, there is a lot involved in the real-time coordination of conveyors, sorters, cranes, AGVs, etc. Actemium can offer you its Warehouse Control System (WCS) thanks to many years of experience with projects in high-level controls for production, automation and logistical automation. It is an intelligent control layer above your material handling systems that provides optimum and robust control.

Specialist in optimising and retrofitting

Actemium does not just offer you a WCS. Our approach stands out thanks to a unique combination of specific custom-made solutions and standards tools, where experience has proven them useful.

Thanks to their experience in the field and on the basis of an in-depth analysis of your logistics, our consultants can offer you neutral and product-independent advice.

The WCS offered is furthermore grafted onto the latest Microsoft technology and based on real-time performance and solid integration of equipment. Actemium offers you the WCS stand-alone, or as part of a WMS.


  • Custom made and flexible.
  • Increased efficiency.


  • Brand-independent implementation.
  • Robust and optimum integration in your existing installation.

Intelligent solutions for:

Real-time task management

  • Optimum sequencing of tasks in case of multiple cranes, AGVs.
  • Optimisation of pick and pass.
  • Configurable, parametrizable algorithms.

Real time route management

  • Routing containers, pallets, crates.
  • Load balancing towards picking zones, packing tables and shipping.
  • Integration with pick-to-light.

Equipment integration

  • Real-time, reliable integration with cranes, tracks, AGVs and other specific equipment.
  • Diagnosis and fail-safe communication.

Order picking

  • Pick-to-light, sensible pick-to-light, put-to-light, voice picking.
  • Single-order picking zones, multi-order picking zones.
  • Inventory monitoring and replenishment.
  • Performance monitoring.

From software to support

Actemium not only delivers your software, but also the professionals required for its correct and optimum implementation.

Are your processes completely again up to date?

Then naturally you want to keep them that way. With customer-oriented service packages, Actemium can also handle the management and maintenance of your process.