The mission of the Data Analytics team is to act as a strategic partner moving towards smart operational excellence.

Our expertise has grown from years of experience in automation and enthusiasm for data. Because of this unique knowledge in both the production process and data analytics, we are able to present a customized offer.


Every business, large or small, produces a mass of valuable data that still too often goes untapped. Through our expertise, optimization, resilience, reliability and sustainability come first. This is how we move together with you towards the Sustainable Factory of the Future.


Bottom-up approach

We start from your production process. Through our experience in automation, our experts know how processes are driven and controlled. This know-how allows us to autonomously look for details about your (sub-)processes and to recognize and suggest opportunities for optimization.


  • Start from our process knowledge
  • Recognize opportunities
  • Encourage co-creation

We turn data into smart solutions and help you to optimize your production flows through co-creation, in a future-proof and sustainable way.

Your data, your decisions

Whether you choose the control of on-premise data storage, or the flexibility and redundancy of a cloud solution, our expertise ensures a seamless connection to your production process. Your data always remains available and is always your property.


A data platform collects, processes and visualizes your process data for comprehensive insight into the production process. As such, in addition to standard modules, we offer smart apps tailored to your business.

Our Smart Operational Excellence experts guide you through every step of process digitization and optimization in order to make and keep your production flow smart.

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