Thanks to our process experience from automation projects, we speak the same language. We understand your needs and challenges and think along with you how insight into data can optimize your production process. As a result, we focus our offer entirely on the challenges that we have experienced ourselves in the production process.

Our data solutions always start from your current data maturity. This way, we adapt our offer to your dimensions. As an independent integrator, we always look for the solution that best fits your challenges. From historian to advanced AI solution, Actemium is your one-stop-shop for data analytics!

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    An appropriate historian is the crucial first step for companies striving for smart operational excellence. Reading, logging and visualizing your production processes can provide numerous insights that would otherwise remain unknown. It is the solid foundation upon which further analysis and smart apps rely.

    As an independent integrator, we always propose the most appropriate data platform for your profile.



    Once a correct historian is chosen, or if a historian is already present, analyses can be made on the available data. We make a distinction here between “Cold” and “Hot” Analyses, where cold represents “cold” historical data  and hot represents “hot” live data.


    Cold Analyse

    The historical data of your production process contains a wealth of valuable information. Losses are often in unexpected corners and are difficult to track down. A look back at past data can therefore reveal numerous quality improvementsenergy savings or optimization opportunities.

    Hot Analyse

    After the cold analysis, there are new insights into the production process. The logical next step is to take actions to capitalize on this new knowledge. As such, we calculatemonitor and edit your production process based on already known points of interest.


    Smart Apps

    Solutions that can tackle challenges of various customers are developed as Smart Apps. Our Smart Apps are often more complex analysis tools, that analyze and improve your process. Each time, smart algorithms allow us to optimize your production process.



    Advanced Analytics & AI

    Data Analytics & AI are constantly evolving, even within manufacturing companies. Based on available historical data, we can start working on more sophisticated analyses. AI applications, by now, have become indispensable in the industry. Anomaly detection, virtual meters and smart machines that guide the operator in his tasks: we take the next step together with you!

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